Can Women Receive Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

Can Women Receive Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy

Can Women Receive Covid Vaccine and Pregnancy- A number of COVID-19 vaccine trials have been completed and are ready to use. But, is this vaccine safe for pregnant women? Are there any risks for pregnant women?


Various kinds of corona vaccines have been tested and are ready to be given to the wider community. Each vaccine is developed with a different technology. There are so many kinds of vaccines developed using the inactivated virus method, some are mRNA, and so on. The level of effectiveness of each vaccine varies.


In various tests carried out, vaccines are claimed to be effective in eliciting an antibody response against the corona virus. However, it is not uncommon to find various side effects and allergic reactions that must be watched out for. Covid vaccine and pregnancy is a different way.


So, from the development of several vaccines, groups such as pregnant women don’t seem to be in the spotlight much. This then invites questions, is the corona vaccine for pregnant women safe?


Pregnant women are not included to the list in the trial age of the corona virus vaccine test. After the clinical trial phase of the vaccine is completed, it may be necessary to consider giving it to pregnant women, “explained dr. Arina. Covid vaccine and pregnancy, need to do the observation again.


Regulators are excluding pregnant and nursing mothers from vaccination programs in UK. It is different from England, it is also the United States. In this superpower country, Covid vaccine and pregnancy or pregnant women are given the authority to decide whether to receive the vaccine or not.


In Indonesia, pregnant women are not included in the priority group for corona vaccine recipients. Indonesia plans to use the corona vaccine from a Chinese company, Sinovac. The Sinovac vaccine clinical trial in Bandung also did not include pregnant women among the 1,600 volunteers involved.


Although tests have not been carried out, based on how the mRNA vaccine works, experts believe vaccination will not pose a risk to people who are pregnant. Covid vaccine and pregnancy need to wait the latest observation.


The mRNA vaccine doesn’t contain of live viruses. Thus, there is no risk of viral infection to a person. However, once again, the potential risks of the mRNA vaccine to pregnant women and their fetuses are not yet known because the vaccine has not been studied in pregnant women.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing severe disease due to COVID-19. Observational data show that while these severe health effects are rare, pregnant women with COVID-19 have an increased risk of developing severe disease. These include illnesses that result in ICU admission, require mechanical ventilation, and death. Covid vaccine and pregnancy need more attention, especially for the woman. Pregnant women with covid 19 have risk problems of  pregnancy, such as preterm birth. While the corona vaccine for pregnant women has not been tested, the prevention of the corona virus can be done in various ways. According to dr. Arina, pregnant women can do the following: As much as possible do not have to leave the house if it is not important, except during pregnancy control. Always use a mask when you are going out of the house. Must be diligent in washing hands with soap or using other cleaners, such as hand sanitizers. Keep  away your distance from other people. Make sure to eat nutritious food and drink enough water to maintain endurance. Covid vaccine and pregnancy need more aware about the virus. There are information about Covid vaccine and pregnancy. May this article is useful.

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