Covid 19, The Cause And The Symptoms

Covid 19, The Cause And The Symptoms- Coronavirus infection is a disease caused by the corona virus and causes the main symptoms of respiratory problems. This disease is in the highlight  because of its came at the end of 2019 for the first time in Wuhan, China.

The location of its came for the first time made the coronavirus also known as the Wuhan virus. Apart from China, the coronavirus has also spread rapidly to various other countries, including Japan, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and even the United States.

Causes of Corona Virus (COVID-19) The cause of Covid 19 is a single stranded RNA virus that comes from the Coronaviridae group. Named the coronavirus because of its crown-like surface. Another virus that belongs to a similar group is the virus that caused Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) several years ago.

However, the corona virus from Wuhan is a new virus that has never been identified in humans before. This virus is also almost have the same characteristics to as 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV.When infected with this virus, many people are still confused about what typical symptoms will appear first.

So, how do these symptoms develop and how can infection due to the Corona virus get worse.

To determine this, medical staff at a hospital in China started compiling a book on Covid 19 infection. In its also give information about what things can affect the condition of corona patients, with the hope that it can clarify how the virus develops.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 40 percent of corona patients are asymptomatic. When 20 percent of them become more severe and critical. In some patients with different severe infections, the main symptom they experience is difficulty breathing.

These symptoms are typical symptoms that sometimes appear on the fifth day after symptoms occur.


Various efforts to prevent Covid 19 have been made to reduce the transmission rate of the Corona virus. Another effort is to have the latest knowledge about the characteristics of  this virus  and its symptoms.


By knowing the characteristics and symptoms of the Corona virus, people will be more alert if they feel that their body condition is not good. People can consult a doctor or do tests to find out the condition of the body.


Quoted from the website of the Ministry of Research and Technology / National Research and Innovation Agency, viruses are genetic material covered by a protein layer or called a capsid that lives in host cells. Based on this definition, the Corona virus is categorized as not a living thing.

Just like other viruses, the Covid 19 has recognizable features.

See the following are the characteristics of the Corona virus:

  • Cannot metabolize itself
  • Cannot replicate without a host cell
  • Not growing
  • Does not respond to the environment

With these four characteristics, the Corona virus has infected thousands of people until it has become a pandemic for most of 2020. Quoted from the World Health Organization, there are various recognizable symptoms of the Corona virus.Symptoms of the Corona virus range from the most common, rare, to serious.


The most common symptoms of the Covid 19 are fever, cough, feel tired, symptoms of the corona virus are unusual, loss of the ability to smell or taste, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis (red eye), sore throat, headache, muscle or joint pain, different types of skin rashes, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, chills or dizziness, hard to breathe, loss of appetite, confusion, persistent pain in the chest, high temperature (above 38 degrees Celsius).

There are explanations about Covid 19. May this information is very useful for you.

Covid 19, The Cause And The Symptoms

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