Recognizing The Covid 19 Symptoms

Recognizing The Covid 19 Symptoms

What Are The Covid 19 Symptoms – Common symptoms of Corona virus infection are fever, sore throat to fatigue. Then, a lot of patients have mild symptoms and many are asymptomatic. The latest study found five symptoms that could indicate covid 19 infection. Covid 19 has symptoms similar to the flu. Even though they are similar, Corona has typical symptoms including fever, runny nose, feeling tired easily, loss of smell, and sore throat.


As an effort to control the spread, it is very important for us to recognize the symptoms of Corona virus infection, especially the initial symptoms in the first week. COVID-19 is a viral virus that attacks the human respiratory system. Symptoms caused by this disease usually start from mild symptoms. After that, symptoms may improve or worsen, depending on the state of the patient’s immune system.


Because the symptoms that appear can vary, we need to know what the early symptoms may occur in this disease to increase awareness. The corona virus symptoms can be different, usually appear within 2-14 days after exposure to the virus, but most people with covid 19 symptoms after 11-12 days. .


The study found that in 412 patients studied, 82 percent showed signs of neurological problems even after they had been treated. Here are five symptoms that indicate covid 19 :



The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that headaches are one of the common covid 19 symptoms. This ranges from mild aches to severe headaches that are unbearable.


Muscle pain

The study found that 44.8 percent of the volunteers who participated experienced muscle pain due to COVID-19. In addition, muscle pain is also a sign of a long COVID.


Tiredness or Mental Fatigue

In the same study, research participants also reported brain fog or mental fatigue as a symptom of COVID-19. Although this is a rare covid 19 symptoms, about 31.8 percent of volunteers experienced it during the study. This condition makes it difficult for people who experience it to concentrate, think, and forget easily.


Loss of sense of smell or taste ability

Anosmia or loss of the ability to smell and taste the symptoms experienced by most COVID-19 patients. This condition is a common symptom to identify whether you are exposed to Corona or not.


The loss of the ability to smell or anosmia is the most important covid 19 symptoms. About 10-50 percent of patients infected with the Corona virus over the age of 35 experience anosmia.

Then, 25 percent of COVID-19 patients have a fever, and 25 percent have a cough.


Sore eyes

Many people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 have complained of pain in the eye. But it is still an observation as eye pain can also come from excessive use of gadgets while at home. The corona virus is generally found in animals, such as camels, snakes, livestock, cats and bats. Humans can contract the virus if there is a history of contact with the animal, for example, to breeders or traders in animal markets.


However, the explosion in the number of cases in Wuhan, China shows that the corona virus can be transmitted from person to person. Viruses can be transmitted through droplets, which are water particles that are very small and usually come out when coughing or sneezing. When the droplets are inhaled or hit the lining of the cornea of ​​the eye, a person is at risk for contracting this disease. This covid 19 symptoms is vary.


There are information about covid 19 symptoms .Although everyone can be infected with the corona virus, those who are elderly, have chronic diseases, and have low immunity are more susceptible to this infection and its complications. Stay healthy always.

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