The Fact of USA Stimulus Checks That You Should Know

The Fact of USA Stimulus Checks That You Should Know

The Fact of USA Stimulus Checks That You Should Know-All countries in the world do not remain silent. The Corona Virus pandemic or Covid-19, which has infected thousands of world citizens, has led many countries to prepare massive budgets to combat the effects of the virus that first emerged in China. Indonesia, for example, has disbursed a total budget of up to Rp. 158.2 trillion in dealing with the impact of the Corona Virus. The stimulus includes, among others, the first stage of Rp 10.3 trillion, the second stimulus of Rp 22.9 trillion and others.

Secretary of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Susiwijono said the budget was encouraged to maintain Indonesia’s economic stability amid global economic dynamics, including the presence of the corona virus or Covid-19. Several countries have also taken the same steps. Dare to pour out massive funds to fight the impact of the Corona Virus.


Superpowers Country that is USA, are not spared as countries affected by Covid-19. This country also decided to launch a USA stimulus checks of USD 2 trillion or around Rp. 3,200 trillion to cope with the Corona pandemic and its impact on the economy situation. This stimulus checks is the biggest in American history. A budget of USD 500 billion (IDR 8,000 trillion) to help hit industries and direct cash assistance for millions of families each reach up to USD 3,000 or around IDR 48 million.


The administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is proposing a new economic stimulus package to parliament with a value of more than US $ 1.5 trillion or around Rp.22,237 trillion related to the economic recovery due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The two largest US airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines, began laying off employees, a total of about 32,000 workers on Thursday this week. This happened because management lost hope of being able to get a stimulus of around US $ 25 billion to pay employees’ salaries. This is equivalent to IDR 371 trillion. The first USA stimulus checks package of US $ 25 billion was used up until midnight Wednesday local time.

Prior to this, talks between the White House and the House of Representatives, which are controlled by the Democrat Party, had a deadlock over the size of the stimulus package to be rolled out.Democrats want to endorse an economic stimulus package of around US $ 2.2 trillion. However, the White House is sticking to the US $ 1.5 trillion figur

This USA stimulus checks very important to help the economy situation to avoid crisis Economic. Besides also help the victim of Covid 19. As this is the biggest stimulus had ever supply in USA, but this will help the economic condition better.

United States Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the stimulus for direct payments to US citizens would be ready to be given after the congress supported the plan. Details the stimulus packageis US $ 1,000 for adult and US $ 500 for child within three weeks. Mnuchin in an interview with Fox Business on Thursday morning said the handover of cash to all American households had received support in Congress.

Because USA stimulus checks is the best way to sustain an economy that has almost stopped by the spread of the corona virus. According to him, at this time, the American people were halting a large part of their daily life in order to avoid spreading the virus. The impact on the economy and business is slumping.

There are information about USA stimulus checks, hoped  you can use this article as you knowledge.

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